For the city of Sombor, 82 km of sewage network

The mayor of Sombor, Antonio Ratković, announced works within the “Clean Serbia” project worth 38 million euros.

The city of Sombor is among the eight local governments that signed the annexes to the contract for the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project. The mayor of this city, Antonio Ratković, says that the construction of a sewage network in the length of 82 km, the value of which is 38 million euros, is coming to Sombor.

“Soon we expect the start of the implementation of this very important project for the City of Sombor.” The design and technical documentation is being done in its entirety for the city and 11 settlements included in the “Clean Serbia” project, and Stanišić and Bezdan are among the first settlements where the works will begin. The construction of the sewage network, the collector between the settlements, as well as the purifier will be carried out in three phases,” said Ratković.

According to the mayor, 140 km of sewage network have been built in Sombor so far, and that in the coming period, through the three phases of the “Clean Serbia” project, over 250 km of sewage network will be built, as well as 4 new wastewater treatment plants.

The contract was concluded between the Republic of Serbia and the Chinese company “China Road and Bridge Corporation Company”.

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, announced during the signing of the contract that about 2.36 million people will be connected to the sewage system.