Vesic: Cuprija at the implementation stage of „Clean Serbia“

Municipality of Cuprija has completed the task of gathering and preparing the technical documentation necessary for the implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project, as was confirmed by the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic in his speech to councilors of the Cuprija Assembly.

The Assembly of the Cuprija Municipality has awarded Minister Goran Vesic with the title of honorary citizen who presented a series of projects of road infrastructure construction to Cuprija councilors in a video address.

Road infrastructure is not a sole investment of Serbia into Cuprija, Minister Vesic confirmed in his address:

„Municipality of Cuprija has done a splendid job related to the ‚Clean Serbia‘ Project – preparation of technical documentation and procurement of construction permits for the construction of sewage network in Terekovo and Minelovo settlements, in the Mutapova and Dimitrija Tucovica Streets“, said Goran Vesic, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

According to him, the total length of sewage in the scope of this project will be around six kilometers, and the value of works in the following phases is estimated at around 1.3 million Euros. Complete sewage network wich will be built as part of the „Clean Serbia“ Project on the territory of Cuprija will be 146 kilometers long with two collectors.

„We expect the works in the following phase of this project to begin soon in Cuprija“ Minister Vesic said.