160 km of sewage network is being built in the Bor district

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesić, accompanied by his assistants Miroslav Alimpić and Dušan Radonjić, visited the village of Velika Vrbica in the municipality of Kladovo, where works are currently being carried out on the construction of a sewage network as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

In Velika Vrbica, works are currently being carried out in a length of 40.6 kilometers, the value of which is around 23 million euros.

“A total of 160 km of sewage is being built in the Bor district – 105 km in Bor, 14 km in Majdanpek and 40.6 km in Kladovo, along with two waste water plants. When all that is added up, the state invests a total of 85 million euros in the sewage network in this part of the country, along with two waste water plants,” said Minister Vesić.

The minister emphasized that after the completion of the project, the entire municipality will be covered by sewage, “The inhabitants of Kladovo will be able to live like the inhabitants of many developed countries in Europe.” When it comes to waste water, we will not poison our environment and nature, but we will return the waste water to nature processed and in an acceptable condition for the environment, and in this way we will show that we are responsible towards nature,” said Vesić.

The president of the municipality of Kladovo, Saša Nikolić, expressed his gratitude to the minister for his visit and pointed out that this is an extremely important project for the municipality of Kladovo, whose budget would not be able to carry such a large amount project.