Kraljevo ever closer to Regional Waste Management Center

Kraljevo, Vranjačka banja and Trstenik have never been closer to addressing the problem of waste disposal. After a meeting held in Kraljevo where the next steps towards the construction of the Regional Waste Management Center (RWMC) were clearly defined, around 180 000 residents of the aforementioned places can expect designing to be finished in one year’s time.

Representatives of the „Clean Serbia“ Project held a meeting in Kraljevo with the city representatives, Municipality and public utility companies where next steps were defined in order to start the construction of the RWMC as soon as possible.

With the „Clean Serbia“ Project, it is planned to cover Vrnjačka banja, Kraljevo and Trstenik with the RWMC, and the very center will be constructed in Kraljevo which does not have its own landfill, only a wasteyard. The design of construction of the RWMC does not only cover two units up to 500 000 tons in capacity, but also all necessary parts such as a recycling center and transfer station so that the amount of disposed waste could be reduced and possibilities of recycling utilized.

One of key things regarding the RWMC is the fact that the design currently being worked on by the AG Institute from Novi Sad includes the protection of ground waters from pollution, but also a roof cover which prevents the disposed waste from being washed off and ending up in surface waters and surrounding land.

Surface area covered by the RWMC is 25 hectares, and in the following days, representatives of the „Clean Serbia“ Project with the company Srbija vode will negotiate the best acceptable solution related to the leveling of the field which should in turn reduce the costs of construction. One of the tasks and obligations of the City of Kraljevo is to complete the Plan of Detailed Regulation and to implement the Regional Waste Management Center into it, the value of which is estimated to be around 20 million Euros.

The Regional Waste Management Center in Kraljevo is one of the four Centers covered by the „Clean Serbia“ Project and their respective locations are in Kragujevac, Niš and Pančevo.