Janković: “Clean Serbia” solves decades-old problems

Mionica is one of the first municipalities where work has begun within the “Clean Serbia” project. “We received 1.2 billion through that project and that is of immeasurable importance for Mionica”, says the President of the Municipality of Mionica, Boban Janković.

Mionica and Banja Vrujci are two places in Serbia where the “Clean Serbia” project is being implemented on a large scale.

“The municipality of Vrujci represents a huge potential not only for this region but for the whole of Serbia when it comes to tourism. We strive to always invest in tourism, and for that we need infrastructure, water supply, sewage, we have done a lot to make people feel better when they come here. Through the project of the State of Serbia “Clean Serbia”, we received one billion two hundred million dinars for the construction of sewerage in to the municipality of Mionica, as well as two wastewater treatment plants, one intended for Banja Vrujce, and the other for the town of Mionica,” said Boban Janković, president of the Municipal Council of Mionica, to RTS.

Janković states that “Clean Serbia” is a huge project for the mentioned region, which will create the conditions for further development and investment, not only in the field of tourism.

“Through the project, a total of 19 km of sewage network will be constructed, of which 8.5 km will be in Banja Vrujca, and the rest in Mionica. Two waste water purifiers will also be built, and this is something that has really been awaited for decades, and here we finally have a solution to those big problems, the solution of which has been awaited for a long time,” said Janković.