Minister Vesić: From may the third phase of the project in Vlasotinac

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, speaking about numerous projects in the Municipality of Vlasotince, expressed the expectation that from May or June 2024, the third phase of the “Clean Serbia” project will begin in this Municipality.

According to Minister Vesić, the aforementioned municipality has project documentation ready, which is a prerequisite for the realization of any project.

When it comes to sewerage, he reminded that the second phase of the “Clean Serbia” project has begun, within which a total of 3.5 billion euros have been secured so that 2.2 million people in Serbia will receive sewage.

“I expect that from May or June we will start the third phase of that project, in which Vlasotince has a good chance to enter, given that it has projects. After that, they will have a wastewater treatment plant and about 80 kilometers of sewerage, which means that around 95 percent of the municipality would be covered by sewerage,” said the minister.


The president of the municipality of Vlasotince, Bratislav Petrović, thanked Vesić for his support and added that he hopes that, with the help of the relevant ministry, they will be able to implement numerous infrastructure projects.

photo: mgsi