Milenković: 140 km of sewage network in Vranje

The famous Sofka Street in Vranje, after the sewerage network was constructed through the “Clean Serbia” project, and the city itself reconstructed the water supply network, was covered with brick for authenticity and durability. The mayor of Vranje, Dr. Slobodan Milenković, said that thanks to the “Clean Serbia” project, a 140 km long sewage network will be completed.

Visiting the completed works in Sofkina street in Vranje, the mayor Dr. Slobodan Milenkovic explained that during the execution of the works, a Turkish sewage system was encountered, to which a certain number of houses were connected, and all this had to be regulated beforehand.

“The works have been completed and now all these households are connected to the new sewage network. Considering that Sofka Street is one of the oldest in the city, the water supply network was made of asbestos pipes, which also caused problems, and a complete renovation was carried out. “Thanks to the “Clean Serbia” project and the help of the state, we will arrange on the territory of the city, but also in suburban settlements and rural areas, about 140 kilometers of sewage network worth 70 million euros,” said the mayor Milenković.

He announced that, in addition to the aforementioned streets, the reconstruction of the sewage network will also be carried out in the streets Bregalnička, Dečanska, Cerska, Jadranska, Kosta Abrašević, Nemanjina, 1. Maj, Đura Đakovića, Dr. Kopša, Sutjeskina, Vojvoda Mišića, Omladinska, Svetozara. Marković, Petar Leković, Filip Filipović, Marička, Kraljević Marko, Nevesinjska.