Milenković: 140 km of sewage network in Vranje

The famous Sofka Street in Vranje, after the sewerage network was constructed through the “Clean Serbia” project, and the city itself reconstructed the water supply network, was covered with brick for authenticity and durability. The mayor of Vranje, Dr. Slobodan Milenković, said that thanks to the “Clean Serbia” project, a 140 km long sewage network will be completed.

Visiting the completed works in Sofkina street in Vranje, the mayor Dr. Slobodan Milenkovic explained that during the execution of the works, a Turkish sewage system was encountered, to which a certain number of houses were connected, and all this had to be regulated beforehand.

“The works have been completed and now all these households are connected to the new sewage network. Considering that Sofka Street is one of the oldest in the city, the water supply network was made of asbestos pipes, which also caused problems, and a complete renovation was carried out. “Thanks to the “Clean Serbia” project and the help of the state, we will arrange on the territory of the city, but also in suburban settlements and rural areas, about 140 kilometers of sewage network worth 70 million euros,” said the mayor Milenković.

He announced that, in addition to the aforementioned streets, the reconstruction of the sewage network will also be carried out in the streets Bregalnička, Dečanska, Cerska, Jadranska, Kosta Abrašević, Nemanjina, 1. Maj, Đura Đakovića, Dr. Kopša, Sutjeskina, Vojvoda Mišića, Omladinska, Svetozara. Marković, Petar Leković, Filip Filipović, Marička, Kraljević Marko, Nevesinjska.

After the completed works, asphalting in Vranje

After the completion of works on the construction of the sewage network in Franše D’Eperea Street in Vranje, asphalting began. The works were visited by the mayor Dr. Slobodan Milenković.

The Mayor of Vranje, Dr. Slobodan Milenković, with his colleagues, visited Franše D’Eperea Street, where asphalting works are being carried out.

“As part of the Communal Program for this year, this city road with a length of 518 meters and a width of 3.2 meters is being paved today. The value of the works is about 4.8 million dinars. Before these works, here, through the “Clean Serbia” project, a sewage network was built and the old asbestos pipes on the water supply network were replaced. I want to emphasize that I am extremely satisfied with the realization of this project, because there were many problems, in terms of solving property and legal relations, and I am glad that the residents of this part of the city finally welcomed the asphalt,” said Milenković.

On the previous day, Kajamakčalanska street was paved with a length of 230 meters and a width of 4.2 meters, worth 2.5 million dinars.

“We are continuing with the implementation of the Communal Program, and according to the established plan, the asphalting of Cetinjska and Dimitrija Tucovića streets will follow,” added the mayor.

Finishing works in Baba Zlatina Street in Vranje

After completing the works on the reconstruction of the Baba Zlatina Street in Vranje, placement of paving stone is currently in process, by which the street will be returned to its original state. As part of the “Clean Serbia” Project, sewage network has also been done in this street.

Citizens of Vranje are very familiar with the Baba Zlatina street which is also a protected cultural and historical property, and to the wider Serbian public it is also known as the street where the  writer Bora Stankovic was born. The works on the reconstruction of the said street were initiated last year, and were completed through several phases.

The first phase of works in this street was initiated by the “Clean Serbia”. The works included the reconstruction of wastewater sewage network. The street is 297 meters long and wide from 3 to 4 meters. The works were financed with the funds from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.
The second phase included the construction of stormwater sewage, reconstruction of the water supply line and the road, i.e., placement of the new pavement stone. This phase was realized with the funds from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and City of Vranje.


Milenković: Construction of Vranje through the “Clean Serbia” project

“Within the “Clean Serbia” project, together with the Ministry, we entered into a really demanding project,” said the mayor of Vranje dr Slobodan Milenković.

Summarizing the results achieved in 2022, the mayor of Vranje dr Slobodan Milenković, particularly highlighted the works related to the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project.

“I must point out that, within the “Clean Serbia” project, together with the Ministry, we entered a really demanding project, which is the complete reconstruction of Kosovska Street. Baba Zlatina Street, in the city center, is also being completely reconstructed. I’ll admit, I’m personally not happy with the time it takes to complete all the activities. However, both streets have their own peculiarities, which significantly affect the dynamics of the works. I thank my fellow citizens for their patience, with the promise that the streets will eventually look as they should,” said Milenković.

Addressing his fellow citizens, Milenkovic pointed out that in total, more than 400 million dinars was allocated for asphalting, for the construction of the water supply, fecal and atmospheric sewage network.

“Also, the fecal sewage network in the streets: Đura Đaković, Dimitrij Tucović, Mišarska, Sava Kovačević, Caro Dušan, Karađorđev, Kralj Milan, Matija Gupac, Franše D Epere, Stevana Filipovića, Kosovska, Makedonska, Drvarska, in the block near Ivo Andrić street, block near Proletarian Brigades street, at the Sports Center, in Neradovac, Gornji and Donji Vrtogoš, Davidovac and Bunuševac,” stated dr Slobodan Milenković.

Operational meeting in Vranje for better implementation of the project

Representatives of the city of Vranje, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and companies involved in the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project held an operational meeting where the implementation of the project was analyzed.

The Mayor of Vranje, Slobodan Milenkovic, pointed out that the meeting is an opportunity to see what has been done so far, but also to see what is needed in order to continue the implementation of the project. The “Clean Serbia” project envisages the construction of 141 kilometers of sewage network worth 70 million euros in Vranje, as well as 33 kilometers in Vranjska Banja.

The meeting was also attended by the state secretary in the relevant ministry, Isidora Burić, as well as acting Assistant Minister Dušan Radonjić, who are in charge of monitoring the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project throughout the country, and State Secretary Dragan Stevanović.

“The idea is to give importance to the south of Serbia. A lot of things have been done in Vranje in the past years in this area, because it is very important for us that the south of Serbia is in some way the focus, that’s why the “Clean Serbia” project was started from here. A serious and significant project for Vranje. There were problems during the implementation of the project, but that’s why we’re all here together, to react on time and solve them on the fly,” said Stevanović.

Two more streets in preparation for asphalting in Vranje

After the asphalting of Sava Kovačević Street, two more streets are currently being prepared for asphalting in Vranje.

The works that began in December last year as part of the “Clean Serbia” project in Vranje, envisage the construction of 141 kilometers of sewage network, worth 70 million euros.

The current works include the construction of the collector where the processing of the shafts remains and their examination, while the works at the locations in Makedonska and Drvarska streets are in the final phase. Two more streets are already in the final stage of paving. “These are the streets of Kralja Milan and Karadjordjeva. All that remains is to install the buffer layer, test it using the static method, and then start asphalting. We hope so the predicted rain will not significantly affect the expected dynamics of the asphalting works scheduled for next week”, say the regional center of “Clean Serbia”.

In Vranje, permits for 22.5 kilometers of sewage network have already been secured.

Final asphalting in Vranje

The first asphalting within the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project in Vranje was completed today. “A lot of work is upon us, and the City of Vranje will keep providing the necessary aid, in order to ensure the works are progressing according to the planned dynamic”, said the Mayor of Vranje Slobodan Milenkovic.

The first works on the realization of the Project, which began in December last year, are now entering their final phase. Asphalting of the Sava Kovacevic Street was completed today

“This is the first asphalt to be laid through the ‘Clean Serbia’ Program in the entire country. Asphalting is starting in Vranje in the same way, as the first implementation of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project started in our city first in the Kosovska Street in December last year. In Vranje, 141 kilometers of sewage network should be built as part of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project in the value of 70 million Euros, as well as 33.05 kilometers in Vranjska Banja,” says the Mayor Slobodan Milenkovic.

At a meeting organized with representatives of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project after a tour of the asphalting works, he noted that demanding works await in the coming period on the entire territory of the City of Vranje. According to him, the city is already intensively working on the designing.

“Permits have already been secured for 22.5 kilometers of the network, and 3.2 kilometers of the sewage network have already been built” Milenkovic explained.

More than half a kilometer of 6-meter-wide roadway is asphalted in the Sava Kovacevic Street.

As all worksmake traffic communication difficult during their execution, the Project Manager of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project and the ChineseCompany CRBC, Wang Xuefeng thanked the citizens for their patience.

I thank the citizens of Vranje for their patience. I expect that the dynamics of the works will be even better in the coming period. This is a large and important Project, with many challenges. In the coming period, the execution of the works will be organized at several locations simultaneously, and all in order to meet the planned dynamics and deadlines” saidXuefeng.

The asphalting was also attended by the advisor of the Minister of Infrastructure Dragan Jeremic, who said that a lot was done in Vranje in terms of the necessary documentation as a basic prerequisite for the implementation of the Project.

Vranje did a lot. Firstly, design documentation, cooperation with the City Administration and with the Mayor. I can praise the whole structure, because without those who work, there is no solution and no work done. They all depend on each other and in order for one roller orasphalt layer to arrive, they all have to work like clockwork. Vranje did that and I thank them for that” Jeremic said at the meeting and pointed out that this is a concrete and real green project, which will remain with citizens of Vranje for long-term use.

As announced, the citizens now expect the asphalting of the Car Dusan Street, where the works on the installation of the sewage infrastructure have already been carried out.


Finishing works – Asphalting of the Sava Kovačević Street in Vranje

Construction of sewage network in the Sava Kovačević Street has entered the finishing phase. The next street planned for the construction of the finishing layer is the Cara Dušana Street.

As planned by the Project, with more favorable weather conditions this year, the works have began on marking the Sava Kovačević and Dimitrije Tucović Streets so that construction works could begin on time.

After the excavation of the trench, laying of sewage pipes and their backfilling and placing of prefabricated concrete manholes, layers of gravel were installed and preparations were made for the asphalting of the streets. Upon the finish of all works and control tests the contractor will, with the investor, perform the taking-over protocol.

The next street planned for the construction of the finishing layer is the Cara Dušana Street.

The works in Vranje are underway at multiple locations so that the total lenght of 142 km of sewage planned for Vranje and its surroundings could be completed within the planned deadline. The value of the investment in Vranje is 70 million Euros.

Asphalting and new sites soon in Vranje

Implementation of the “Clean Serbia“ Project in Vranje began on November 15 2021, and after extensive works in Vranje, construction of sewage network was completed in the following streets: Kosovska St. 590m, Save Kovačevića  St.461m. Currently, works in the Matije Gubca St. are reaching completion where out of the planned 471m of sewage network, 441 meters have been built already.

After the completion of works of installing the sewage network in aforementioned streets, repair i.e., asphalting of those streets will ensue.

Apart from the mentioned sites within the “Clean Serbia” Project, installing of sewage network in Vranje is being worked on in two additional streets: Karadjordjeva St. and Franse D’Eperea St.

Simultaneously, within the “Clean Serbia” Project in this city, works are expected to begin in the following streets: Djure Djakovića St., Kralja Milana St. and Drvarska-Makedonska St..

The value of the investment is 70 million EUR and it is one of the biggest investments being realized in Vranje. The Project will cover all villages of the Moravian basin, so all wastewaters will be directed towards the wastewater treatment factory.

Intensive works in Vranje

Works on the construction of the sewage network in Vranje within the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project, which have began in November, are progressing according to the planned dynamics. So far, a kilometer of sewage has been constructed.

With the more favorable weather conditions, the works on the construction of the sewage network have been intensified in Vranje. Currently, the works are being carried out at the locations in Kosovska Street, Bunusevac No. 1. Surveyors have marked the route for the sewage network yesterday, in the Kovacevica and Dimitrija Tucovica Streets. The works will begin on Monday, March 28 in the aforementioned streets, and it is expected that works will also begin in the Frans de Perea and Hilandarska Streets.

On the territory of the City of Vranje, a new sewage network will be constructed, in the length of 142 kilometers.

The value of the investment is 70 million EUR and that is one of the biggest investments being implemented in Vranje. The Project will cover all villages in the Moravian basin, so all wastewaters will be directed towards the Wastewater treatment plant.