Milenković: Construction of Vranje through the “Clean Serbia” project

“Within the “Clean Serbia” project, together with the Ministry, we entered into a really demanding project,” said the mayor of Vranje dr Slobodan Milenković.

Summarizing the results achieved in 2022, the mayor of Vranje dr Slobodan Milenković, particularly highlighted the works related to the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project.

“I must point out that, within the “Clean Serbia” project, together with the Ministry, we entered a really demanding project, which is the complete reconstruction of Kosovska Street. Baba Zlatina Street, in the city center, is also being completely reconstructed. I’ll admit, I’m personally not happy with the time it takes to complete all the activities. However, both streets have their own peculiarities, which significantly affect the dynamics of the works. I thank my fellow citizens for their patience, with the promise that the streets will eventually look as they should,” said Milenković.

Addressing his fellow citizens, Milenkovic pointed out that in total, more than 400 million dinars was allocated for asphalting, for the construction of the water supply, fecal and atmospheric sewage network.

“Also, the fecal sewage network in the streets: Đura Đaković, Dimitrij Tucović, Mišarska, Sava Kovačević, Caro Dušan, Karađorđev, Kralj Milan, Matija Gupac, Franše D Epere, Stevana Filipovića, Kosovska, Makedonska, Drvarska, in the block near Ivo Andrić street, block near Proletarian Brigades street, at the Sports Center, in Neradovac, Gornji and Donji Vrtogoš, Davidovac and Bunuševac,” stated dr Slobodan Milenković.