Works in Novi Sad are progressiong at full speed

State Secretary in the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Isidora Burić and Assistant Minister Dušan Radonjić toured the works on the reconstruction of the sewage network in the Liman 2 settlement, which are being carried out as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

The reconstruction of the sewage network at Liman 1 and 2 is important for Novi Sad, because the dilapidated sewage network was the cause of fecal pollution of the Štrand drinking water source, which has therefore been out of service since 2008. At the moment, about 20 kilometers of sewage network up to 50 years old are being reconstructed at these two locations, after which the conditions will be met for the revitalization of the Strand source, which with its capacity can meet 35 percent of Novi Sad’s raw water needs.

In Novi Sad, works are being carried out on the construction and reconstruction of 66.8 kilometers of the sewage network, while in the next stages another 45 kilometers of the network and the central treatment plant for waste water in Petrovaradin will be built.