Investment in the sewage network in the Klisa settlement in Novi Sad

The Mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, together with his colleagues, visited the works on the restoration of road infrastructure in Zmajevački put Street in the Novi Sad neighborhood of Klisa, and on that occasion he pointed out that the City of Novi Sad has invested 3 billion and 130 million dinars in the Klisa neighborhood so far. Next comes the investment in the sewage network through the “Clean Serbia” project.

Đurić announced that, as part of the second phase of the “Clean Serbia” project implemented by the Republic of Serbia, the City of Novi Sad received funds for part of Klisa, Gornja livada, and that it is expected to begin the process of building a sewage network.” From 18 kilometers that need to be built sewerage network works will cover a little more than 5 kilometers and they should start at the end of this year, which is extremely important for the citizens of Gornji livada”, said Đurić.

The mayor of Novi Sad said that investments in this part of the city will continue through the construction of other infrastructure and facilities according to the needs of the citizens.

“I am proud that we have continued to invest in a part of the City that is very important to us. “Klisa is a neighborhood that developed very quickly, and in this part of the city we can proudly point out that we have invested in the construction of water and sewage networks, the construction of roads, public lighting… and we will not stop there,” Đurić pointed out.

Reconstruction of water supply network for settlements Liman1 and 2

Public Utility Company „Vodovod i kanalizacija“ of Novi Sad has announced that the settlements of Liman 1 and Liman 2 will get a full reconstruction of sewage network.

„The existing sewage network is very old and the feces that pour into the underground pollute the “Strand” source, which has not been in operation since 2008, announced the Novi Sad company “Vodovod i kanalizacija”.

In order to return the source to its function, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure  financed the reconstruction of the sewage network through the “Clean Serbia” Project – it is being done section by section, and the deadline for the completion of works is three years from the start of the works. The first phase has been completed, and the pace of work has been accelerated so that everything will be operational as early as next year.

In Blagoja Parovica Street and neighboring streets, the network is being reconstructed, and pipes and manholes will be replaced. The contractor is the Chinese company CRBC, and the investor is “Vodovod i kanalizacija” Novi Sad. Due to the aforementioned works, residents of Blagoja Parovica and Milice Stojadinovic Srpkinje Streets have to move their vehicles from the parking lot, so that the works can proceed without disruption and be completed in a month and a half.

Sewage system and parking lot complete in part of Novi Sad

Reconstruction of a parking lot and sidewalk in the Dr Ivana Ribara in Novi Sad has b een completed. As was stated by the PUC „Parking servis“, the works have been executed on the surface of around 1000 square meters, by which 70 parking lots have been reconstructed as well as 100 square meters of sidewalk.
Together with these works, a complete sewage network has been completed as part of the „Clean Serbia“ Project, and shortly after that everything was returned to its original state.
Due to the dilapidation of the asphalt base, a road on the surface of 1400 square meters, in the length of around 250 meters has been renewed, as well as a space next to garages, surface of which is 1160 square meters.

The Government of Serbia approved the second phase of Clean Serbia

The mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, thanked the Government of the Republic of Serbia for enabling the realization of the second phase of the Clean Serbia project. Đurić stated that the project is of strategic importance for the city of Novi Sad.

“The Government of the Republic of Serbia has approved the implementation of the second phase of the Clean Serbia project in our city, which includes the construction of 30,940 meters of sewage network and waste water treatment plant in Čenej, worth 28.2 million euros,” announced the mayor of Novi Sad on his Twitter account.

Đurić reminded. that the realization of the first phase of this project, worth 27.3 million euros, is underway. “The people of Novi Sad should know that the entire project, which is of strategic importance for our city, is financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia”, said Đurić, praising the government for the allocated funds.

Clean Serbia one of the most important projects for Novi Sad

The Mayor Milan Djuric has announced, after the meeting with the representatives of CRBC, that the construction of a wastewatertreatment plant should ensue in the upcoming period. Gradonačelnik Milan Đurić najavio je nakon sastanka sa predstavnicima kompanije CRBC za naredni period izgradnju postrojenja za preradu otpadnih voda.

After the meeting with the representatives of CRBC, the Mayor of Novi Sad Milan Djuric has announced on his Instagram Profile, that many projects that this company is currently impementing in Novi Sad were talked about.

„It was concluded, in the conversation with the Chinese partners, that there are no issues in the process of implementation of designs, and that works are progressing according to the established dynamics. Important meetings await in the upcoming period, pertaining to the implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project, i.e., the construction of a wastewater treatment plant, as one of the most important designs for our City. We will continue to develop our Novi Sad“ Djuric stated.


Đurić: Novi Sad expects the second phase of the “Clean Serbia” project

The mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, announced the beginning of the second phase of the “Clean Serbia” project in this city.

The citizens of Novi Sad expect the continuation of the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project through the second phase of the project, announced Milan Đurić, the mayor.

“I am proud that I can officially confirm to my fellow citizens of Novi Sad that the realization of the second phase of the project “Clean Serbia” is starting, the value of which is more than 25 million euros. And this phase will be financed from of the budget of the Republic of Serbia, and I use this opportunity to express my gratitude to the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, as well as to the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure for their support and assistance in the realization of such an extensive project, which is of strategic importance for our city,” said Đurić.

According to him, the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant will be built within the framework of this project, which is of strategic importance for the further development of communal infrastructure and environmental protection.

Works in Novi Sad are progressiong at full speed

State Secretary in the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Isidora Burić and Assistant Minister Dušan Radonjić toured the works on the reconstruction of the sewage network in the Liman 2 settlement, which are being carried out as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

The reconstruction of the sewage network at Liman 1 and 2 is important for Novi Sad, because the dilapidated sewage network was the cause of fecal pollution of the Štrand drinking water source, which has therefore been out of service since 2008. At the moment, about 20 kilometers of sewage network up to 50 years old are being reconstructed at these two locations, after which the conditions will be met for the revitalization of the Strand source, which with its capacity can meet 35 percent of Novi Sad’s raw water needs.

In Novi Sad, works are being carried out on the construction and reconstruction of 66.8 kilometers of the sewage network, while in the next stages another 45 kilometers of the network and the central treatment plant for waste water in Petrovaradin will be built.

Đurić: We are continuing the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project

The new mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, in an interview with Novi Sad’s Dnevnik, pointed out that Novi Sad is not giving up on the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project in this city.

In his presentation, Đurić also emphasized the importance of the construction projects of the Central Treatment Plant and the sewerage network for those settlements where there was none until now.

“Construction of the Central Wastewater Purifier is one of the strategic priorities in the coming period, it is part of the “Clean Serbia” project, which is financed from the national budget. The implementation of the first phase, which includes the construction and reconstruction of the sewage network in Kisac, Čenej, Podbara, Limani one and two, is underway. The purchase of land at the location in Rokovo potok, where a treatment plant will be built according to the most modern technical and technological solutions, which will be able to “follow” the needs of the further development of the city, is now in the process, said Đurić.

The new mayor of Novi Sad also says that waste management is key for the city.

“By building a regional waste management system, we will provide the City with everything it needs for waste management in the next 50 years.” The total value of the project is about 114 million euros, and it will be realized in three phases, so it is important to point out that the City secured 41 million euros in grants from the IPA fund for the realization of the first phase. The plan is to announce a public call for the implementation of the first phase by the spring of next year, so that the works themselves could begin in 2024,” Đurić told Dnevnik.

The benefit of the implementation of both projects will be felt first of all by the citizens of Novi Sad and the surrounding towns, and both projects are strategic for the people of Novi Sad.

“Both projects are of strategic importance for Novi Sad, and the previous several city authorities promised and announced them. Since the SNS has been in power, we have managed to create all the conditions and environment for a start

implementation, and I expect that it will continue to follow the established dynamics. It is important that the people of Novi Sad finally get both a sewage treatment plant and a landfill, and not which politician will cut the red tape in the end”, Đurić stated for Dnevnik.

The first 118 meters were completed in Podbara, Novi Sad

The first 118 meters of the sewer network in Podbara in Novi Sad have been completed.

The reconstruction of the sewerage network at Podbara in Novi Sad has successfully started. The “Clean Serbia” project envisages that the works will be carried out in several phases.

The first 118 meters together with drains and connections have been completed. We are waiting for the investor to approve the continuation of the works, as well as the addition of the project for the upcoming phase of the works. The completed section was restored to its original state after the reconstruction of the network.

“The subcontractors took all the necessary measures regarding the safe execution of the works, especially considering that the construction site is located in the very center of the city,” said the Regional Center of “Clean Serbia” in Novi Sad.

In Novi Sad, the implementation of the following projects is planned: the construction of a sewage network in the settlements of Čenej and Kisač, reconstruction of the sewage system at Port 1, Port 2, as well as the sewage network at Podbara in four phases.

In total, when it comes to Novi Sad, the project envisages the construction of 66.8 km of sewage network within Phase 1, 24.9 km of network + 1 WWTP within Phase 2 and 3.

“Clean Serbia” key Eco-Project for Novi Sad

The Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic has especially emphasised the significance of the “Clean Serbia” Project in Novi Sad as one of the key Ecological Projects through which the Danube River is being preserved and which has been implemented in Novi Sad in the past year.

“Novi Sad has entered the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project and will receive a central wastewater purifier and we will not pollute the Danube’, says the Mayor.

On the territory of Novi Sad, so far, the works have been executed at the following locations: Cenej 11,946.00m, Potisa 2,384.00 m, Kisac – Gravitational sewage: 5,906.00 m.

“We have contracted over 100 kilometers of additional fecal sewage network nad have addressed the sewage in most suburban areas. Kisac and Cenej will receive the complete sewage, and Rumenka will receive the part which has been missing, the bid has been announced. For the first time, we will have addressed the question of landfills. Isn’t all of that ecology?”, the Mayor asked as was broadcast by the national media.