Momčilović: In one year, 13 km of network in Kragujevac

The deputy mayor of Kragujevac, Ivica Momčilović, confirmed for local television that 13 kilometers of sewage network were built in Kragujevac in the past year as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project in Kragujevac began at the end of November last year, and according to Momčilović, the sewage network has already been built in the parts of Opornica, Maršić, Mali Pčelica, Dena brdo, Beloševac, Ilićevo, Veliko polje and Petrovac. Certain streets have already been restored to their original state, and works are currently being carried out in 8 locations in Kragujevac.

“Since the beginning of the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project, more kilometers of fecal sewage network have been constructed than in the previous 10 years in the city of Kragujevac. The section of works is done every two weeks. As the works are in progress in five city municipalities on 8 construction sites, the real state of completed works is about 13,000 meters”, Deputy Mayor Ivica Momčilović told InfoKG.

Currently, works are being carried out in Brđanska Street in Beloševac, Kikindska Street in Petrovac, Adam Gvozdenović Street in Grošnica, Bogoljub Đorđević Street in Ilićevo and Milutin Milanković Street and Koruška Street in Mali Pčelice.

“Milivoja Bankovića Sićka street has been restored to its original state, preparatory works for restoring it to its original state and related to the testing of the dynamic module are being completed in the streets: Dragiša Mišovića, Mladen Milovanovića, Bogoljub Đorđevića, Vladimira Pejovića, Brđanska, Braća Petrovića i Koruška, Travnička and Mirjane Jakoviljević. It is expected that they will soon be returned to the condition before the works were carried out”, announced Momčilović.

According to him, the next phase of the “Clean Serbia” project will include the reconstruction of the fecal sewage network in the central city core and on the collector network.

“The subdivision and expropriation of plots for the future landfill at the Vitlište location is being completed,” said the deputy mayor.

As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, the landfill in Jovanovac will be moved to a new location – Vitlište, which is located on the border between Korman, Maršić and Gornji Komarice.

Momčilović also stated that the “Clean Serbia” project lasts about five years.