So far 13 km of sewage network in Kragujevac

As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, 13 km of sewage network has been built in the suburbs of Kragujevac so far, this is the information presented by Deputy Mayor Ivica Momčilović for the local television.

According to Momčilović, work on the “Clean Serbia” project in Kragujevac is being carried out according to schedule at several locations in the suburbs, and such a pace will be continued in the coming period. “If we are trying to present the scale of everything that has been done, I must say that it is more than in the last 10 years”, said Momčilović and added: “Property legal problems are being solved at the same time so that there is no delay in the realization of this extremely important project for city. The second phase of the project envisages the reconstruction of the rainwater and sewage network in the inner city core. It is an undertaking that requires a very serious approach and logistics.”

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project in Kragujevac envisages the construction of a 360-kilometer sewage network, three wastewater treatment plants and a new landfill in Vitlis.

The value of the works is around 300 million euros.