400 million euros for 16 municipalities in the south

The municipality of Doljevac and another 15 municipalities will expand the capacities of communal infrastructure in the next year as part of the “Clean Serbia” project. A meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure with representatives of local governments from Doljevac, Svrljig, Vlasotinac, Bojnik and the City of Prokuplje was held in this Municipality.

At the meeting in Doljevac, representatives of the ministry pointed out that a total of about 400 million euros will be allocated for communal infrastructure projects in 16 municipalities in the south of the country for over 800 kilometers of network, which will cover about 200,000 people.

As it was said at the meeting, on the territory of the Municipality of Doljevac, a total of 45.6 kilometers of sewage network will be constructed in several villages. The project envisages the construction of fecal sewerage in Malošište with a length of 7.2 kilometers, a primary and secondary network for the settlements of Belotinac and Čaljinac with a length of 16.3 kilometers, a network in the eastern part of Pukovac, a secondary sewerage network for Doljevac, as well as collectors. The value of the works without VAT amounts to 961 million dinars. The plan is also to build wastewater treatment plants in Čapljinec and Doljevac.

Among the general data, it is stated that in the Municipality of Svrljig, about 6 kilometers of the network are being worked on, Vlasotince, where the project is expected to cover almost 80 kilometers, and the City of Prokuplje, where 26 kilometers of the sewage network will be built, as well as Bojnik.

“Currently, when we are talking about the south of Serbia, the works are being carried out in Svrljig, and it is planned that the other mentioned municipalities in this part of the country will enter the project implementation process at the beginning of next year. This was the first meeting in the south of Serbia, and I can say that it was very useful for all project participants. After the implementation of the planned project activities, the quality of life of people in both urban and rural areas will improve significantly, and the ecological aspect of this whole story will also improve, through the preservation of water resources”, said Isidora Burić, State Secretary of the Ministry. Burić reminded that the “Clean Serbia” project is the largest project of construction and reconstruction of communal infrastructure, foreseeing the construction of 5.2 thousand kilometers of sewage network and a total of 157 wastewater treatment plants, which will cover a total of 2.5 million inhabitants of our country.

The prerequisite for the start of the implementation of the project in municipalities and cities is the complete technical documentation that the Municipality of Doljevac has, so it is expected that the implementation of the “Clean Serbia in Doljevac” project will begin in mid-March next year.

“Realization of communal infrastructure projects is carried out through a total of three projects, of which “Clean Serbia”, which is being worked on with the Chinese partner CRBC, is the largest, with the aim of improving standards and the quality of life of the citizens of southern Serbia. A team will be formed at the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure, especially the Communal Department, which will deal exclusively with “Clean Serbia”, said the state official secretary Dragan Stevanović.

foto: Radio Koprijan