17 “Clean Serbia” construction sites in Center Kragujevac

As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, the construction of sewage infrastructure for the three municipalities of Knić, Gruža and Toponica is underway. The “Clean Serbia” regional center in Kragujevac is currently performing work on 17 construction sites.

The city of Kragujevac and neighboring municipalities are one of the major construction sites when it comes to the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project. After the completion of the 1,288-meter-long works in the Vinogradi settlement in Kragujevac itself, work began on the construction of a 35-km-long section of the sewerage network for Knić, Toponica and Gruža.

In the municipality of Knić itself, the works on the section Kusovac-Toponica are coming to an end, while at the same time, after the works, the already completed sections in Gruža and Knić are paved.

During the last month, asphalting was completed in the settlements of Male pčelice, Veliko polje, Grošnica and Erdec

The value of the started works is 16 million euros.