2000 km of communal infrastructure completed

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesić presented the information that so far within the “Clean Serbia” project 2,000 km of sewage network was built.

“Within this project, we are operating a total of 160 plants throughout Serbia and that about 5,200 kilometers of sewage are being built. So far we have done 2,000 kilometers of the mentioned sewage system. I believe we will very much to quickly get into a situation where we can continue with the implementation,” he said.

Minister Vesić, stating that a large part of the funds goes to construction sewage infrastructure in Vojvodina.

Vesić previously announced a stronger reaction of the state to the problem pollution of river watercourses, saying that from December 31, 2025, the discharge of untreated wastewater into rivers will no longer be tolerated, but all wastewater will have to be processed.

The “Clean Serbia” project has as its primary goal solving the problems of cities and municipalities that have not been in focus until now due to the insufficient activity of the local self-governments themselves or due to the lack of financial resources regarding the construction of communal infrastructure.

Preserving a healthy environment has a direct impact on raising the quality standards of the citizens themselves.