Ratkovic: Best conditions for the generations to come

In the following period, more than 250 kilometers of sewage network with purifiers will be built in Sombor through the „Clean Serbia“ Project, as was announced by the Mayor of Sombor, Antonio Ratkovic.

While talking about the significant projects for the Town of Sombor, the Mayor put a special emphasis on the „Clean Serbia“ Project, putting forward the plan to build more than 250 kilometers of sewage network with purifiers.

„We are also expecting the construction of the Regional Waste Management Center ‚Rancevo‘ to begin soon, which will be a turning point when it comes to environmental protection and which is bound to alter the environmental picture of Sombor, but also the wider region, in a significant way. Implementation of these projects requires time, but it is our duty to, slowly but surely, facilitate that process and create the best possible conditions for the future generations“ Ratkovic said for the Pancevo Radio Television channel.

Town of Sombor signed an Annex to the Contract pertaining to the implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure  and the Chinese Company CRBC back in May. As was then described by Ratkovic, the works had been planned in three phases, and the signed Annex pertains to the construction of a sewage network in the length of 82 km and the value of those works is estimated to be 38 million Euros