So far, 31 km of sewage network has been built in Kragujevac

“After a break due to weather conditions, the works within the “Clean Serbia” project are returning to the expected dynamics,” said Ivica Momčilović, president of the Kragujevac City Assembly during a tour of the construction site in this city.

The works are being carried out in Maršić, Grošnica and Bresnica Municipal Health, where there were the most problems with property and legal relations. Momčilović reminded that 31 kilometers of sewage network have been built so far and that there are still about 11 kilometers left.

“In the local community of Bresnica, we had the most problems, primarily regarding the property in that settlement, but we managed to solve a good part of it. In addition, one of the reasons was the crossing of existing wild sewers with new, designed ones. Such problems will be overcome on the fly. The property issue has been resolved for seven kilometers, and the remaining 4.5 kilometers, which are disputed, will be resolved through the expropriation process. At the beginning of the expropriation project, it was about 20 kilometers,” Momčilović pointed out

Works within the “Clean Serbia” project are being carried out in Milan Grujovića Street in Grošnica Local Municipality, Sopoćanska in Bresnica Local Municipality and in Čedomir Minderovića Street in Maršić Local Municipality. In the continuation of the works, works are planned in the streets Crnovrška, Teferička, Ljubomir Naumovića, Milovan Ilić Minimax, the cross between Sopoćanska and Milovan Ilić Minimax and Darosavska. In the Municipal Health Center of Bresnica, the works in Lešnička side street have been completed.