Jabucje receives 20 km of sewage through the “Clean Serbia” Project

The municipality of Lajkovac will become equipped with additional 33 kilometers of sewage network and two wastewater treatment plants, announced the president of Lajkovac Municipality Andrija Zivkovic.

Jabucje, the largest village in the Municipality of Lajkovac, will receive 20 kilometers of primary sewage network. The President of the Municipality, Andrija Zivkovic, marked the beginning of the construction of the network at the beginning of Jabucje.

“Last year, the first 11 kilometers of the sewage network were completed as part of the “Clean Serbia” Project: four kilometers in Rubribreza, three kilometers in Bogovadja, a 4-kilometer section of the sewage system in Jabucje – Donji kraj, and 20 kilometers remain to be completed for the entire village. : from Vis, Gaj and Šerinka to Staro selo. Five substations will be built, one for each part of Jabucje. Of the 20 kilometers of the network, three kilometers will be a low-pressure network, where special connections will be made to manholes for households. The costs of constructing the manholes will be borne by the Municipality, so households will not have to pay for connection to the sewage network,” said Zivkovic during a tour of the site.

According to him, with the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project in this municipality, Lajkovac will be one of the few municipalities in Serbia where 70 percent of the population is connected to stormwater and wastewater sewage.

“Design documentation for the reconstruction of the existing wastewater treatment plant in Celije, as well as the construction of a mini-compact plant for Bogovadja, is in progress. In this way, we will increase the capacity of the plant to 10,000 users, which is optimal for Lajkovac at the moment,” Zivkovic stated.