Regional Center Novi Sad – 35 km of sewage network completed so far

„Clean Serbia“ Project Regional Center of Novi Sad covers eight Municipalities: Novi Sad, Novi Becej, Ada, Subotica, Sombor, Stara Pazova, Indjija, Sremska Mitrovica. In two Municipalities, works are already in progress.

„ The works are being carried out in two municipalites, Novi Sad and Novi Becej. In Novi Sad, the works are done in Cenej and Kisac and we have one settlement in Novi Becej“, says the manager of the Center Marko Markovic.

Markovic says that the works are planned in phases: Novi Sad 66.8km of network – Phase I, 24.9 km of network + 1 WWTP – Phases 2 and 3 and Novi Becej 47.5 km of network, 2 WWTPs. The works are contracted by Juzna Backa in Novi Sad and by Sani Eco Vita in Novi Becej.

„The Municipalities are truly open to cooperation and the very goal of the Project has been genuinely comprehended. The Municipalities we are working with are greatly dedicated to the implementation of the Project. There are many reasons for it, mainly the state of the sewage network, which is quite poor. Many municipalities do not have a sewage network, and those that have, have the one which is old and with a great percentage of infiltration of athmospheric and undergound waters.  Also, the sewage culture is very poor in settlements“, Markovic explains.

According to him, because of such state, the rivers Tisa, Danube and the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal are greatly jeopardized.

Within the scope of the „Clean Serbia“ Project, the contracts have been signed with two Municipalities, and Markovic says that he is expecting four more contracts to be singed by the end of the year.

„The Municipalities which are now in the Project, are extremely expeditious and dedicated to the implementation of this Project and have responsibly provided the necessary documentation. In accordance with the Law, the requirements for the preparation of the technical and design documentation are: defined coverage, streets and route lenghts, resolved property legal relations of parcels, KTP with the plan of underground water supply lines. For the beginning of works: valid design and technical documentation, valid Construction Permits for the execution of works, construction site registration. That is a very comprehensive documentation“, Markovic says and adds advice for those who are late: to form a functional, professional and motivated entity for the implementation of this Project.

„The Ministry, which is a Financier in this Project, gives tremendous importance to the impelemtation of the Project through constant support to Local Self-Governments in speeding up and solving the process in state public companies and bodies. Additonally, the Ministry plays an important role by mediating between all participants in the Project“, Markovic says.

Novi Sad – so far, more than 25km of sewage network in two settlements has been completed.

Novi Bečej – so far, more than 7km of sewage network has been completed.