Sombor will have more than 400 kilometers of sewage network

Through the “Clean Serbia” project, Sombor will receive another 260 km of sewage network in the coming period. Chinese Ambassador Li Ming said that the key goal of the projects supported by China in Serbia is the people.

The construction sites in Bezdan were visited by Prime Minister Miloš Vučević and Minister of Construction Goran Vesić. The Prime Minister of Serbia stated that the construction of the sewage network at the mentioned location solves a decades-old problem, and the life of the citizens of Sombor is moving in the right direction.

„They will get the infrastructure they need to have. We are moving in the direction of making life better. For many years and decades, Sombor was marginalized, which is unfair. Today, the entire ambience of this city is changing and what is important to do and what is the focus of Minister Vesić is the reconstruction of the railways, and Sombor is our hub and connection point to Subotica and Vrbas“, said Prime Minister Vučević during a tour of the works.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Construction, Goran Vesić, says that with these works, 90% of the city’s territory will be covered by the sewage network.

“Sombor will have more than 400 kilometers of sewage network, which means that 90 percent of the territory of that city will be covered by sewage. The works are progressing well, and Sombor, which currently has 140 kilometers of sewage network, will receive another 260 kilometers of network through the project “Clean Serbia”, he said.

In addition to the sewage network for this city, Minister Vesić said the “Clean Serbia” project will also provide Sombor with three wastewater treatment plants.

„We did Stanišićevo, we have now started to work on the sewage system in Bezdan, and all waste water must be processed and returned to nature in its pure form, which is a step forward in civilization“, said Vesić.

Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Li Ming said that the people are the priority of any development.

„My presence here shows our idea. The Serbian government has announced a huge Clean Serbia plan and China is ready to participate in this plan. The trust we received is also a duty for us“, said Ambassador Li.