87 million euros for “Clean Serbia” in Novi Pazar

During the talks between the Novi Pazar delegation and the ministers Goran Vesić and Husein Vemić, the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project was discussed in particular.

The municipality of Novi Pazar is expecting investments worth 540 million euros next year. Among the significant projects for this city, the “Clean Serbia” project was mentioned in particular, in the realization of which 87 million euros.

“It is a historical matter not only for Novi Pazar but also for many other municipalities of ours. The construction of a wastewater treatment plant will fully satisfy the needs of the residents of Novi Pazar. All waste water in Novi Pazar will be processed and returned to nature as clean, which is our obligation to nature”.

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project envisages the construction of 110 kilometers of sewage network, and the plan is also to build a waste water treatment plant, the equivalent of 160 thousand users.