Last year saw additional kilometers of sewage network

Not even the cold weather could stop the works on the construction of sewage network across Serbia in the process of implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project. Many sites have been active for quite some time at the dozens of different locations.

Annexes of contracts which stipulate lenghts and locations were signed with multiple cities last year, which opened up the option of connecting to the sewage network for a large number of households, which had been using septic tanks or even illegal sewage lines constructed without any documentation.

The works included a reconstruction of sewage networks at multiple location, which had lost their original function due to dilapidation.

„We had the problem of inaccessible terrain at several locations which made the work even more difficult and which required serious designing and additional, unplanned works“ say the people working in Regional Centers of the „Clean Serbia“ Project.

The completed works include not only the installation of pipes and construction of manholes but also the finishing works of laying the pavement.

The „Clean Serbia“ Project is a definitive step which Serbia is taking towards the preservation of healthy environment, rivers and the increase in the quality of life of its citizens. Together with the Chinese partner, the company CRBC, only in the last year, more than 40 km in 15 cities and municipalities were constructed at more than 70 sites and micro locations.

Regional Center Valjevo

-Krupanj 3,441.84

-Mionica 8,334.97

-Lajkovac 31,278.99

-Banja Vrujci 7,873.86

Regional Center Obrenovac

-Obrenovac 23,532.47

-Lazarevac 16,154.79

-Veliki Crljeni 24,545.2

Regional Center Novi Sad

-Novi Sad 50,740.75

-Novi Becej 48,453.43

Regional Center Kragujevac

-Kragujevac 26,407.3

-Knic 22,146.42

Regional Center Bor

-Kladovo 29,582.59

-Kucevo 20,801.5

Regional Center Nis

-Svrljig 4,805.4

-Varvarin 39,544.35

-Vranje 58,213.3


*measurements given are expressed in meters