Serbia and China: Even better results in the future

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, spoke today with the new Chinese ambassador to Serbia, Li Ming, about the continuation of the already successful cooperation between the two countries, and among the projects in the implementation of which Chinese companies participate, he mentioned the “Clean Serbia” project, in the implementation of which the company CRBC participates.

At the meeting, held in the Government of Serbia, the Minister wished the Chinese to the ambassador a warm welcome and a successful mandate, with the message that relations between Serbia and China have never been better.

Vesić stated that there are many Chinese companies working in Serbia in the field of infrastructure, from roads, railways to the “Clean Serbia” project, which is being worked on with the company “CRBC”, the second phase of which has already begun.

Ambassador Ming pointed out that Serbia and China are bound by traditional friendship. He stated that the cooperation between the two countries in the field of transport is exceptional and that former Chinese ambassador Chen Bo made a great contribution to it, and added that he will try to make this cooperation even better.

“I believe that with your support and help together we can raise the level of cooperation in the field of traffic to a higher level and achieve even better results in the future,” said Ming.