Vesić: Citizens benefit directly from the “Clean Serbia” project

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, in an interview with the Kurir newspaper, particularly emphasized the importance of the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project.

“I am very happy that it is being implemented within the ministry that I lead because it is what the citizens will benefit from,” said Minister Vesić. Minister Vesić reminded that the “Clean Serbia” project is currently the largest ecological project.

“It is the largest project of construction and reconstruction of communal infrastructure in our country, worth as much as 3.5 billion euros. In the 21st century, we must provide sewerage and wastewater treatment plants, protect our rivers, air, and nature. For the first time, some parts of Serbia will get a complete sewage network and purifiers.

thus we save drinking water in cities that are threatened by uncontrolled sewage overflows, especially in the Morava basin. We protect rivers from pollution with a special focus on the Sava, Danube, Drina, Morava, Pek, Timok, Kolubara and Mlava, and thus the complete biodiversity in the basin of those rivers,” said Minister Goran Vesić.

The Clean Serbia project includes the construction of wastewater treatment plants, sewage networks in 73 cities and municipalities, i.e. at 89 locations, which includes as many as 157 plants, the total length sewage network of 5.2 million meters.