Vesic: Big Projects for Serbia with the help of the PRC

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesic, during the conversation with the Minister of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, Li Xiaopeng, mentioned significant projects for the Republic of Serbia in which Chinese contractors are participating. Among the projects mentioned by Minister Vesic is the Clean Serbia Project.

“I pointed out that Chinese companies are participating in the biggest projects in Serbia, such as the construction of the subway and a project such as the “Clean Serbia” through which we will provide sewage for over 2.3 million people —  a project worth over 3.5 billion Euros. There is also the construction of railways, the same company that is currently working on a high-speed railway between Novi Sad and Subotica in the length of 108 kilometers is also working on about 150 kilometers of railway through Hungary, so thanks to the work of Chinese companies, we will have Belgrade and Budapest connected”, said the Minister.

The Minister pointed out that Serbia is completely open to cooperation with all companies from the West and the East and that as a country that leads an independent and free policy, it has no restrictions, except, as he said, the restriction in terms of the best interests of the citizens of Serbia.
Xiaopeng expressed great satisfaction with the cooperation between the two countries so far.
“I would like to thank your ministry and the government for their special care and support for Chinese infrastructure companies in Serbia. I believe that we will continue doing business and provide high-quality services as a way of gratitude for your trust,” Xiaopeng said during the meeting.

He stated that the Chinese party highly values the strengthening of cooperation with Serbia in the field of transport and traffic and would like to see it deepened and expanded.

“The friendship between China and Serbia is traditional and it has been complemented in the past few years by a comprehensive strategic partnership that is implemented in all areas”, said Xiaopeng and added that he will discuss investments with his colleagues and evaluate the situation in order to promote Serbia.

“I am very satisfied with this pleasant meeting and I believe that we will continue frequent communication because I believe that cooperation has a perspective and that it will be enriched with new results,” said Xiaopeng.