Kladovo: In several locations, works are nearing completion

By the end of October, works are expected to be completed at several locations in the Municipality of Kladovo. Velika Vrbica, Rtkovo, Brza Palanka, Rit are locations where communal infrastructure is being built as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, work continues on the excavation and installation of fecal sewage pipes at the construction site in Velika Vrbica, Municipality of Kladovo. The total projected length is 7,888.4 m. So far, 2,095.3 meters have been constructed and preparations for asphalting the streets are underway.

At the construction site in Korbovo, Kladovo, in the same municipality, 1,920.24 meters of the total projected length of 7,675.99 meters have been constructed so far. Preparations for asphalting streets under asphalt are underway.

In the same municipality, intensive works are also being carried out in Rtkov, where the works are in the final phase in a length of 473.38 m out of the total projected length of 6,471.66 m. Completion of works on the construction of fecal sewage is also expected in Brza Palanka, where the works started in August of this year and where 1,176.00 meters of the planned 2,287.00 meters have already been completed. The expected completion of the works is October 30, 2022.

Works on the construction of fecal sewage in Rit settlement in Kladovo municipality also started in mid-August and already 1,176.00 meters of the projected 2,984.00 meters have been constructed. The expected completion of the works is also at the end of October.

The “Clean Serbia” project envisages the construction of 41 kilometers of sewage network in Kladovo and two waste water treatment plants in the suburban settlement of Kostol and in the MZ Podvrška.