With “Clean Serbia“ to preserving our spa resorts

Spas and climatic health resorts in Serbia have a very significant impact on tourism in Serbia.  The “Clean Serbia“ Project will cover 11 spa resorts in Serbia with sewage and wastewater treatment plant construction.

Water, air and even soil at many locations in Serbia possess medicinal properties. In Serbia, spa resorts are visited by thousands of tourists annually, and among them there are many who do not come for healing purposes but to enjoy the mesmerizing nature these spa resorts offer.

Even though spa tourism has been very important for the tourism in Serbia, insufficient care and unprofessional management of natural resources has led to the natural environment of spa resorts to become seriously jeopardized.

Within the “Clean Serbia“ Project sewage network and wastewater treatment plants shall be constructed in the following spa resorts in the Republic of Serbia: Vrnjacka Banja, Banja Vrujci, Radaljska Banja, Lukovska Banja, Prolom Banja, Kursumlijska banja, Gamzigradska banja, Vranjska Banja, Bukovicka Banja, Brestovacka Banja and Selters Banja.

Construction of sewage network and wastewater treatment plants will additionally, apart from environmental protection, have a greatly positive impact on the development of tourism and attracting new investors at these locations. Currently in Serbia, there are around 50 spa resorts, some of which are less famous, but all of them have their guests and outstanding nature.

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia“ Project will protect those natural resources which make some of these spa resorts unique.