The construction accompanied by asphalting works

The municipality of Lazarevac was among the first group of local self-governments to sign a contract for the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project, and 23 of the planned 52 kilometers of the sewerage network have been built in the Veliki Crljeni Municipality. The construction of communal infrastructure is accompanied by final works on street paving.

“In this MZ, works are currently being carried out on the asphalting of the streets in which the sewage network has been constructed. 6 of the planned 22 kilometers of streets were paved. In other parts of the municipality, the construction of the sewage network is nearing completion. “Currently, we are working on testing the compaction of the soil, and depending on that, the streets where the sewage system is built are being paved,” said Bojan Stević, president of the municipality of Lazarevac.

His deputy, Tomislav Rikanović, during a tour of street paving works, stated that the most necessary parts are currently being paved, while the rest will be done when the weather stabilizes.

Considering that during the reconstruction of the sewage network, the streets are damaged, Rikanović said that a satisfactory agreement was reached with the company CRBC. “After a meeting with the Chinese company that is responsible for the construction of sewage works in Veliki Crljeni as part of the “Clean Serbia” Project, an agreement was reached and the first outlines of this agreement can already be seen on the ground, says Rikanović.