Vesić: Excellent cooperation between Serbia and the PR of China

“Serbia and China are cooperating very well,” said the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesić. Among the projects implemented by Serbia in cooperation with the People’s Republic of China, Vesić singled out the “Clean Serbia” project.

Ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Belgrade, Minister Vesić said that Serbia and China cooperate excellently in the field of infrastructure, since Chinese companies are working on as many as eight projects in road and several in railway transport, as well as the „Clean Serbia“ project.

“There is significant room for improving cooperation, especially in the domain of innovative solutions for managing large traffic systems in Serbia. The visit of the Chinese president is a great diplomatic victory for the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and for our country,” Minister Vesić said.

Chen Bo:Cooperation between Serbia and China

Announcing the results that companies CCCC and CRBC have achieved in Serbia in the past 14 years, the Ambassador of the People‘s Republic of China to Serbia, Chen Bo, has put an emphasis on the „Clean Serbia“ Project as one among numerous projects currently being implemented in Serbia by these companies.

Chinese companies CRBC and CCCC have organized a conference called Communication – Integration – Ecosystem, where many projects these companies are currently implementing in Serbia in various spheres of life were presented.

The Ambassador of the People‘s Republic of China to Serbia, Chen Bo, has stated that the Chinese company „China Road and Bridge Corporation“ (CRBC) was one of the first infrastructural companies to enter the Serbian market, reminding that the construction of the Mihajlo Pupin Bridge was what had initiated the cooperation between China and Serbia in the field of infrastructure.
„In the meantime, CRBC had actively taken part in the implementation of projects of infrastructural construction in Serbia, such as sections of the  Milos Veliki Highway, Beograd-Budimpesta fast track and the „Clean Serbia“ Project, donated the resources and materials during the Coronavirus pandemic as well as for the cultural events. The time has given its contribution to the cooperation between our two countries and has consolidated our friendship“ said the Ambassador Chen Bo.

The Ambassador Cen Bo expresses hope that the cooperation between CRBC and the Serbian partners will be even better in the future, in order to facilitate an even greater development of both Serbia and the cooperation between Serbia and China.

Cooperation between Serbia and China and through “Clean Serbia”

Bilateral relations under the strategic leadership of the heads of our two countries will achieve even better development compared to what has been achieved. Construction of the Novi Sad-Subotica section will be intensified as part of the expressway project tracks on the Belgrade-Budapest route, several sections of the Miloš Veliki highway, the Belgrade Metro, as well as the “Clean Serbia” project, announced Chen Bo, China’s ambassador in Serbia.

The ambassador reminded that the bilateral cooperation between Belgrade and Beijing during 2022 produced results and announced that the cooperation between China and Serbia will bring new and more tangible benefits for our peoples. She is reiterated that in the first three quarters China became the largest source of foreign investments in Serbia and continued to maintain the position of its second largest trading partner.

Scientific and technological innovation, renewable energy, biotechnology, environmental protection and other fields will become a new development point of our bilateral cooperation, Chen Bo said.