Crnobarac: Through project “Clean Serbia” we protect our Danube

The deputy mayor of Novi Sad, Ivan Crnobarac, particularly emphasized the importance of the “Clean Serbia” project, through which the construction of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) will be financed.

“One of the most strategically important projects in the field of hydrotechnics, but also environmental protection, is the construction of a central wastewater treatment plant,” said the deputy mayor of Novi Sad, Igor Crnobarac.

The deputy mayor of Novi Sad pointed out that this is an expensive but equally important project.

“By implementing this project, we will contribute to environmental protection in our city in the sense that we will protect the quality of our surface and underground waters. A very expensive project, and therefore it is very important that it will also be financed through the “Clean Serbia” program, i.e. from the budget of the Republic of Serbia,” said Crnobarac.

By building a WWTP, we are protecting the Danube River and preserving the natural environment.

“In this way, we will succeed in achieving something that I think is an achievement of civilization, that we do not discharge our waste water, both industrial and fecal, directly into our Danube, but that they are collected, taken to the central system for the purification of waste water, and purified to the level of quality itself. recipient, i.e. the Danube, and as such they are discharged into it”, stated Crnobarac.