Municipality of Aleksinac drawing closer to „Clean Serbia“

While extensive works are underway in Aleksinac on the construction of a water supply network, this Municipality, according to its President Dalibor Radicevic is working intensively on designing a sewage network and a wastewater treatment plant. These works will be executed within the scope of the „Clean Serbia“ Project.

„Currently, 67 km of sewage network as well as a wastewater treatment plant is being designed. That is a huge investment, one which the Municipality of Aleksinac would not have been able to realize in the next 20 or 30 years. The plant itself represents the biggest investment. We will reach a point where 35% of the population will have sewage network“, says the President of the Municipality.

The implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project in Aleksinac will include a construction of the WWTP 1 Aleksinacko polje PE-25,000. The total lenght of the sewage network that will be constructed is 68,225.00 meters. The construction of the sewage network will cover the following settlements, villages and parts of the Municipality of Aleksinac: Collectors Aleksinac    – 31,860.00 m, settlement of Aleksinac – 2,365.00 m, settlement of Aleksinacki rudnik – 5,600.00 m, settlement of Zitkovac – 10,645.00 m, settlement of Prcilovica 10,235.00 m and the settlement of  Moravac 7,520.00 m.