Regional Center Niš- Works at eight locations

In order to organise better and track the „Clean Serbia“ Project more expeditiously, it is being implemented from several centers. Regional Center Niš covers as many as 19 municipalities.

„We are executing the works in three municipalities currently, at eight locations. At three locations in Svrljig, then in Varvarin and in Vranje at 4 locations. We are leaving the winter and cold days behind, so it is expected that everything will progress much faster“, says the manager of the Regional Center Niš Predrag Lukić, M.A. Construction Engineer.

In the implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project cooperation with the Municipalities which are being covered is crucial. Lukić states that the problems in cooperation exist mainly because of the documentation.

„The Municipalities are late in delivering and updating the necessary documentation. But that situation is divided. On one hand, we have Municipalities which are extremely expeditious and efficient, and the ones which are falling behind on the other hand. If any problems occur, we solve them with the representatives of the Municipalities, we are the ones who are always there for them, to get involved and help as much as we can“, Lukić explains.

The sewage netowork situation in Municipalities covered by the Regional Center  Niš is not good, which is the case in other parts of Serbia. The „Clean Serbia:“ Project will enable the raise of the living standard of citizens by solving these key problems. In most cases, Cities and Municipalities drain the sewage into rivers.

„That is the case in Niš, and when we are talking about rivers, South Morava is the most endangered. The preservation of this river is our main goal. So far, we have three contracts that are signed, and it is expected to sign three more this year. Everything is up to the Municipalities and the degree of  their expediency. In order to enter a design, a valid construction permit, all necessary design and technical documentation and a resolved property status of a plot where the works are being done is required.  KTP is exactly the problem in most cases, but that too gets solved eventually“, Lukić explains.

The Contractor in Niš is the Millenium Team, and the dynamics of works are as follows:

1.Varvarin – total lenght on the started section is  27,041.00m and 3 WWTP are planned

2.Vranje – total lenght:

-Kosovska St., sewage network 474,070m and atmospheric sewage 76,00m

-Bunoševac, sewage network 716,00m

-Save Kovačevića St., sewage network 460,00m

-Franša D Eperea St., sewage network 835,00m


– Ljubovačka St. towards Mrgodova St., sewage network 191,00m

-Ljubovačka St. towards Mrgodova St., sewage network 138,20m

-Rosulja, sewage network 487,00m

-One WWTP is planned for Svrljig