Preventing environmental incidents

Even though Serbia does not fall into the category of countries with highly developed environmental protection awareness, river pollution incidents always cause a public uproar. The ‘Clean Serbia’ Project is the country’s response in order to preserve the environment in Serbia with special emphasis on the protection of our rivers.

The Serbian public was notified lately that due to the pollution of Raška River caused by fuel oil discharge, charges were pressed.

Two protests were held because of the River Raška pollution, where citizens asked sanctioning of those responsible, prevention of future environmental incidents and notification of the public whether fuel oil discharge in any way affected the health of the people

Implementation of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project will in fact cover the Raška River. For the City of Novi Pazar the Project plans for the construction of 110,965.00m of sewage network while the population equivalent covered is 160,000.

It is important to emphasize that global and local environmental associations list the construction of wastewater treatment plants, sewage infrastructure by which wastewaters are directed towards aforementioned plants as prerequisite for environmental protection and preservation. Those prerequisites are the main goals of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project.