With “Clean Serbia” in step with Europe

According to the data transmitted by Eurostat, it is estimated that in 2023, the countries of the European Union invested about 67 billion euros in the funds necessary for the provision of environmental protection services. Through the “Clean Serbia” project, Serbia is investing in the construction of sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants.

According to the same data, services invested in by EU countries included investments in wastewater treatment plants, waste transport vehicles, purchase of land to create a nature reserve or cleaner equipment for production.

Investments in environmental protection in the total investments in 2023 in EU countries amounted to about 1.8 percent, and the largest amount of investments related to waste water (41.6 percent) and waste management services (26.6). Air protection accounted for 10.4 percent of investments in environmental protection, and the general administration for the environment, research and development, as well as radiation protection about 8.4 percent. This is followed by biodiversity and landscape protection (6.4), soil and groundwater protection (5.6) and noise reduction (1.1), reports Eurostat.

The “Clean Serbia” project in our country is one of the largest investments in environmental protection services and is included in the “Serbia 2020-2025” program.

The number of inhabitants included in this program is about two and a half million in 69 local self-government units, and it envisages the construction of over 5,206,679.31 m of sewage network, and the number of facilities is almost half of what is needed for the whole of Serbia (165 WWTPs).