Obrenovac municipality in the final phase of the project

In the municipality of Obrenovac, in the towns of Mislođin and Barič, works are underway on the construction of a sewage network as part of the “Clean Serbia” project, which was conceived based on the need for increased environmental protection of water and land.

Director of the Public Utility Company “Vodovod i Kanalizacija” Branko Matić announced that a new 6 kilometers of sewage network and 2 pumping stations will be built in the local community of Mislođin.

As part of the “Clean Serbia” project in this municipality, the sewerage network has been completely built in the local communities of Krtinska and Urovci, while works are underway in the local community of Zvečka.

Matić stated that works on the construction of the sewage network in Ratara Municipality are expected to start soon. “These works will also complete the works that are planned in the municipality of Obrenovac as part of the large state project “Clean Serbia”, Matić said.

“In the coming period, every house will be able to connect to the sewer system, so in this regard, I appeal to our neighbors, that when the moment comes, they submit requests for household connection to the sewer network, because we are all aware of the fact how important it is in the context of environmental protection,” said Dušan Mitrović, a member of the Mislođin Local Community Council.