Kruševac in the focus of ecological projects

The city of Kruševac is focusing on environmental projects in the coming period. About 24 million euros were invested in the wastewater treatment plant in cooperation with the German development bank KFW.

“About 24 million euros have been invested in the wastewater treatment plant in Kruševac, which makes Kruševac a leader in communal infrastructure,” said the Minister of Construction and Transport, Tomislav Momirović, during his visit to the city.

The “green city” concept was supported by the Ministry of Transport and Construction, and with the cooperation with KFW, the “Green Agenda” of the Western Balkans is sustainable in this city. The plant in Kruševac is the most successful example of a waste water treatment plant in Serbia, which was built in accordance with the standards of the European Union.

“We are absolutely committed to the sustainable use of natural resources, the protection of biodiversity and the environment in accordance with the goals of the “Green Agenda” for the Western Balkans. We still have a lot of projects ahead of us, and we  will place a special focus on the construction of wastewater treatment plants and very soon start the construction of six plants, as well as the construction of central landfills, one of which will be in Kruševac. In a year and a half, we will have a perfect ecological picture in Kruševac. In the coming period, together with our partners from Germany, we will invest close to 250 million euros for priority investments in ecology in a healthier environment for all citizens of Serbia. “Investments in the field of water supply, regulation of waste water and municipal waste are underway in a large number of local self-governments in Serbia,” said Momirović after visiting the waste water treatment plant in this city.