The first 20 km in Kragujevac have been completed

The mayor of Kragujevac Nikola Dašić and deputy Ivica Momčilović visited the construction sites of “Clean Serbia” in that city.

“So far, 20 km of the sewage network have been completed, and we expect that 25 km will be completed by the end of May. Today we visited the new construction sites”, said Mayor Dašić after visiting the construction sites in Stanovo, Denina brdo and Vinogradi.

The city of Kragujevac is currently a large construction site, considering that works are being carried out at nine locations within the “Clean Serbia” project. In the second phase, the works will be continued in the streets of Todor Čomić, Slobodan Princip Selja, Smederevska and Pavle Šenjanin. The completed streets will then be returned to their original state.

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project in Kragujevac envisages the construction of a 360 km sewage network.