Paving of Kikindska Street in Kragujevac currently in progress

As part of the „Clean Serbia“ Project, the works on paving of the Kikindska St. in Kargujevac have commenced. These works follow the completion of works on the construction of sewage network at the same location.

The works on the implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project in Kragujevac are currently ongoing at nine locations, and the Mayor of Kragujevac Nikola Dasic has stated that the total lenght of the newly built sewage network should measure 25 km by the end of May.

In the settlement of Petrovac, after the completion of works of pipe placement, the Kikindska Street, in the lenght of 1788 meters, is currently being paved. After the Kikindska Street, the paving of the Brdjanska Street will ensue, where the preparatory paving works have already been completed.