By May, 25 km of sewage network in Kragujevac

In Kragujevac, as part of the “Clean Serbia” project, 17 km of the planned 43 km of sewage network have been completed so far. Considering the intensity of the works, it is expected that the first 25 km will be completed by May 25, and the mayor of Kragujevac, Nikola Dašić, has announced that the second phase of the works will soon be completed.

The mayor of Kragujevac, Nikola Dašić, and deputy mayor Ivica Momčilović and their colleagues visited the works that are being carried out at as many as six locations in Kragujevac as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

For the works that are currently being carried out in Milovan Grujovića Street (Veliko Polje), Zvornička Street (Ćava), Karaula 5 (Beloševac), Branislav Miljković (Ilićevo), Pera Dobrinović (Petrovac) and Anne Frank (Petrovac), Dašić stated that perform with the expected dynamics, which was greatly contributed by the mild winter.

“The work is progressing according to the expected dynamics. Now we are about 17 km away from the projected 43 km. It is important to go out in the field and see how the work is going, because the picture is much wider than when you only get figures in the office. The project that will be implemented in the next few years is large and involves the construction of a 360 km sewage network. The first 25 kilometers of the network should be completed by May,” said Dašić, stating that the works were carried out continuously, even during the holidays in January.

Deputy Mayor Ivica Momčilović particularly emphasized the good cooperation with the contractors, the Chinese corporation CRBC, which consistently follows the predicted dynamics.

“There is practically no part of the city where we have not started the construction of the sewage network. All those who may have doubted this project at first can now be convinced that it is a serious project. It seems to me that a project of this scale in the communal area has not been seen in Kragujevac so far. We have quality control that monitors the entire project, which guarantees that the technical quality of the network will be outstanding.

In parallel with this work, the streets are restored to their original state. Our idea in this project, I mean the city of Kragujevac, is to restore the streets in full profile. This means that it is not only done what is the contractual obligation with the contractor, but that the city, from its own resources, enables the streets to return to their original state and to be the way the people of Kragujevo deserve, completely reconstructed, with new asphalt,” said Momčilović.

As stated during the tour of the works, the beginning of the second phase of the project, which refers to the city center, is expected soon. At the beginning of the second phase, the works will take place in five locations, in the streets: Vojvoda Mišić, Vojvoda Putnik, Karađorđeva, Miloj Pavlović and Lola Ribara. Preparations for the start of works in the mentioned streets are already underway.