Mayor of Novi Sad in visit to site in Liman 2

The Mayor of Novi Sad Milan Djuric has visited the site in Liman 2, where the works are being executed as part of the construction of sewage network, and all within the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project. Djuric has announced the completion of the works with the end of April, after which paving and construction of a parking space will ensue.

In the Dr Ivana Ribara Street in Liman, the works on reconstruction and arrangement of a parking space are currently in progress, but also on the replacement of sewage pipes within the “Clean Serbia” Project. The complete reconstruction of the sewage system in the length of 9,056 meters, within the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project, is financed by the Republic of Serbia, and the value of works is 3.65 million Euros.

“The dynamic of works is progressing according to the previously established plan, and so far around 20% of the total job has been completed, while the completion of all works is planned to happen by the end of the year”, spoke the Mayor of Novi Sad and added that, on the topic of works in the Dr Ivana Ribara Street, their completion is drawing to an end. “I have the Contractor’s assurance that by the end of April, those works will be completed, after which Parking servis will be able to begin asphalting and marking of parking lots” the Mayor Milan Djuric stated while visiting the site.

The works in Novi Sad are planned according to phases – 66.8 kilometers in the first one and 24.9 kilometers of sewage network in the second and third.

The “Clean Serbia” Project is one of the key environmental projects in Novi Sad which will preserve the Danube, and which has been implemented for over a year in Novi Sad.

photo Dnevnik/Vanja Fifa