The “Clean Serbia” project also started in the Municipality of Ada

In the municipality of Ada, a meeting was held on the subject of the start of works on the construction of the sewage network as part of the “Clean Serbia” project. The meeting with Zoltan Bilicki, the president of the municipality of Ada, was attended by representatives of investors and contractors from the company CRBC.

“I am convinced that the investment that begins today will represent the largest development project for our municipality in the financial sense in the last few decades,” said the president of the municipality, Zoltan Bilicki.

President Bilicki thanked the Government of Serbia and the representatives of the CRBC company, emphasizing the importance and importance of implementing such a project in his municipality.

“In May of last year, based on the contract signed with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, we provided financial resources for the construction of the missing 110 kilometers of the sewage network and the expansion of the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant.” The Government of Serbia provides financial resources for the works, which will be carried out in the next three and a half to four year, from a loan and own funds. Upon completion of the works, the Public Utility Company Standard will operate a complete and modern sewage system. “The investment will not create any costs for the municipality of Ada, but it will contribute to the creation of healthier and more environmentally friendly living conditions,” said Bilicki.

Mr. Wang Xuefeng from CRBC stated that works on for the construction of the sewage network in the length of 36,249.35 meters with by engaging a large number of teams in the field with the aim of faster and more efficient execution of works. In addition to works on the construction of the sewage network, works on expanding the capacity of the existing waste water treatment plant are also planned.