Djurović: “Clean Serbia” is necessary for Serbia

In Vrnjačka Banja, from April 4 to 6, an international conference was held on the topic: “Wastewater, municipal solid waste and hazardous waste”. The goal of the Conference was the exchange of knowledge and experience in all three thematic areas, as well as the application of regulations and standards that lead to the improvement of the environment.

“The “Clean Serbia” project is necessary for Serbia,” is one of the facts presented at the conference dealing with the topic of waste water and municipal waste, held in Vrnjačka Banja.

At Hotel “Solaris”, the participants were addressed by: Predrag Bogdanović, president of the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering, Dalibor Joknić, secretary of the Association for Communal Activities and Vladimir Milosavljević, director of JKP Vodovod Kruševac.

Boban Đurović, the president of the Municipality of Vrnjačka banja, in his welcoming speech to the guests and participants at the conference, specifically spoke about the treatment of waste water.

“These business ventures require large funds, large manpower in terms of the presence of experts and science, and these funds are actually unattainable for the local self-governments themselves in the full capacity of creating a complete sewage network and waste water treatment plant, and large logistics are required here and support for applications to state and international institutions. The state launched a project “Clean Serbia” and our local self-government is part of that project, we need to build 65 kilometers of sewage network with a waste water purifier. I believe that we will start that work very soon. Of course, we need a lot of such projects in Serbia. We have heard statistics on how many kilometers of sewage network Serbia lacks, how many wastewater treatment plants are lacking, and indeed, this is a topic that should be given full attention, at the national level, because this will be a condition for everything we want in the future. What worries our country more is the fact that we have less and less staff, said Đurović.

The held conference was an opportunity to learn about significant scientific achievements, trends, opportunities and best practices in the sustainable management of wastewater and municipal waste.