Green City Kragujevac

The City of Kragujevac could become a true green oasis in the coming years, thanks to the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project and a series of environmental activities. A novelty in Kragujevac is the duty of every investor to plant a certain number of trees.

Available data shows that only last year the competent administration issued 1,389 approvals for construction. This accelerated construction led the City Administration of Kragujevac to make some serious ecological decisions so every investor will in the future, have a duty to plant a certain number of trees, either on the plot in which he or she is investing or at the location the city determines.  This decision comes into force on September 1st this year. The decision plans that for every 1000 square meters of business or industrial facility built, the investor is obliged to plant 10 trees plus one tree per every additional 500 square meters.

The Mayor of Kragujevac Nikola Dašić says that this will not be a great expense for investors, but such decision will help make the city greener.

“The condition for obtaining a Use Permit actually is the confirmation from the “Green Facilities” that such obligation – planting of trees has been fulfilled. Alongside the “Clean Serbia” Project and with transition of remote heating in the city from coal to gas, we will bring Kragujevac closer to green cities of Europe”, says the Mayor of Kragujevac Nikola Dašić.