One person produces an average of 150 liters of wastewater per day

Did you know that one person uses an average of 150 liters of water during the day?

All these quantities end up as waste water. In various surveys, citizens conclude that wastewater treatment plants are key.

One person only produces about 150 liters of waste water per day. Although at first glance it may sound like too much, it is actually everyday activities: washing hands, washing, showering, using the toilet, washing clothes, dishes, watering the garden.

The greater the number of inhabitants, the greater the amount of waste water. Unfortunately, the largest amounts end up in rivers and lakes. Some estimates say that the percentage of waste water treatment varies from about 20 to 40 percent, which practically means that most of the dirty water greatly destroys or negatively affects the quality of water in rivers, but also on the flora and fauna on their shores.

Several daily newspapers in recent years have conducted surveys on how citizens see the solution to this problem? For example, the largest number of citizens in the survey of the newspaper Telegraf, as much as 90%, stated that before releasing waste water it is necessary to purify it, which shows that they are aware of both the potential and the harm if they are released as such.

At the moment, the largest project implemented by the state of Serbia in terms of wastewater is “Clean Serbia”. With the support of the Government of the Republic of China, the implementation of the project involves not only the construction of sewage networks, but also the protection of rivers and therefore the environment, by building a wastewater treatment plant.

The project envisages the construction of 165 plants, which will process the water that thousands of households and industries consume during the day.