Others about “Clean Serbia”: Works on Liman 2

Works on the reconstruction of the sewage network at Liman 2, as part of the “Clean Serbia” project, continued this year and are currently taking place in the courtyard of the buildings between Boška Buha and Blagoj Parović streets, reports Gradske info.
Earlier in this part of the city, as part of the same project, works on the reconstruction of the sewage network were completed in the streets of Milica Stojadinović Srpkinje, Ravanička, Resavska, Dr Ivan Ribara and Dragiša Brašovana.

The “Clean Serbia” project is a national project for the construction and reconstruction of communal infrastructure, the implementation of which is the responsibility of MGSI and which is financed entirely from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, and which was conceived based on the need for increased ecological protection of the environment.

The financial resources provided by this project were invested in the construction of the sewage network, but also in the reconstruction of the existing sewage network in several urban settlements. Investments included in the “Clean Serbia” project are extremely important for all citizens of Novi Sad and the environment in which they live, because the controlled removal of waste water and its purification is one of the most effective ways of preserving natural resources and protecting watercourses from pollution, according to Gradske info.