Sombor: By parliamentary decision until the continuation of work

The Assembly of the city of Sombor adopted the Decision on Amendments and Supplements to the Detailed Regulation Plan, which also refers to the “Clean Serbia” project, within the framework of which the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and sewage network is planned.

With the construction of sewers, wastewater treatment plants will also be built. Users will be grouped, so one purifier will cover the villages of Bački Breg-Kolut-Bezdan-Bački Monoštor, Stanišić

will have a separate treatment plant, the settlements of Aleksa Šantić-Svetozar Miletić-Čonoplja-Kljajićevo will go directly to the treatment plant in Sombor

“Sombor has always fought for us to get the possibility to build a sewage system and treatment plant, because we have a long tradition in wastewater treatment – the first treatment plant was built in 1965,” said Jasmina Bobić, director of PUC “Vodokanal” Sombor.

Last month, the Minister of Agriculture, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, announced the start of the second phase of the works within the Clean Serbia project in Sombor.