Paving of the Korabska Street in Kragujevac

After the works on the construction of a sewage network in the local community of Grosnica in Kragujevac, paving of the Korabska Street ensued.

„The works are being done in the street 75 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and around 48 tons of asphalt mass will be used in the process“ ,said the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Dejan Ruzic.“

Prior to the paving of the Korabska Street, extensive preparatory works were done, because the street that is being paved has a higher slope which poses certain problems for the traffic as well. „Thanks to the ‚Clean Serbia‘ Project, a stormwater sewage was built which significantly facilitated the rest of the works“, said the Head of Civil Engineering Sector of the Public Utility Company ‚Sumadija‘, Mr. Marko Radisavljevic.