Vojvodić: The construction of 4 centers for waste management

Aleksandar Vojvodić, chief engineer of CRBC, stated that the plan is to build 4 centers for waste management in Serbia.

In the third panel at the regional expert meeting on energy and ecology “Look up” held on Kopaonik; Green construction as an integral part of a sustainable future; about the “Clean Serbia” project implemented by the Government of Serbia with the CRBC company the chief engineer of CBRC, Aleksandar Vojvodić, spoke.

“CRBC, as part of its project and the contract it signed with the Government of Serbia, plans to build 4 centers for solid waste management, one will be located in Pančevo, the other in Kraljevo. At those two landfills, waste is selected and prepared for further use. As regards the next two landfills are in Kragujevac and Niš, they are landfills with larger capacities, at the end of construction they will either be regional landfills, the construction of an incinerator is also planned,” Vojvodić said.

The effect, apart from the removal of waste and reduction of pollution, is in the construction of incinerators itself, because by burning that waste, electricity and thermal energy are obtained.

“It also makes it possible to reduce the cost of taking or capturing the state’s resources because it is possible to cover part of the energy needs from its own capacities”, Vojvodić explained.

The “Clean Serbia” project and the CRBC company are also engaged in the construction of communal infrastructure in order to protect the rivers and provide a better standard of living for the residents.

“The second part that the company deals with is related to sewerage and waste water processing. Waste must be made harmless and then the question is what to do with it. That sludge, as harmless as it is, softens over time and is absorbed into the soil and in some way becomes a pollutant. CBRC has 157 plants on the territory of Serbia, in 77 municipalities, and that project covers 40 percent of the territory and population”, Vojvodić said.