Together on the same task: Preservation of rivers and lakes

Sweden is considered a country that is recognized in the world for the preservation of its rivers watercourses. This result was achieved through long-term and very high investments. Currently, the biggest project in Serbia, whose implementation is ongoing, and which protects our rivers, is the “Clean Serbia” project.

The practice of developed countries that has proven to be good, on the way to the preservation of river watercourses and lakes, is mainly based on several segments of work and includes not only state bodies, but also the involvement of the entire social community, as well as the legal framework.

In the first place is always the education of citizens about the importance of preserving natural resources, including rivers. Then proper disposal of waste while reducing the use of plastic.

Plants along rivers play an important role in filtering water and preventing erosion, so the ban on construction, control of agricultural production and the use of pesticides in the coastal part of rivers on the one hand, and on the other hand the protection of plant life can improve water quality.

As an important part of control and supervision is strict legal regulation, but also the supervision of industrial activities together can prevent the release of dangerous chemicals and waste water into rivers.

One of the key aspects in the fight to preserve the cleanliness of rivers is the construction of wastewater treatment plants. The application of increasingly modern technologies contributes to the improvement of water quality. We should not forget the fact that until now has been emphasized on several occasions among ecologists, namely that old plants whose working life has passed or plants that use outdated technologies are an equal danger to water quality.

The “Clean Serbia” project is the largest current project that aims to preserve rivers and lakes. As part of the project, in addition to the construction of sewage networks, the construction of a waste water treatment plant is also an important place.

In addition to the efforts made by the state of Serbia, greater involvement of the social community is necessary in local river cleaning actions, through the work of organizations dealing with environmental protection, but also active participation in local politics in order to achieve the desired goal.